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Yg no dating rule

Photos used in these secrets are not being claimed by anyone.Also, be reminded that the admins don’t make any profit out of this site.Samsung can put a dating ban in their contracts so that their workers don’t date each other).♯♯♯A worker is essentially a company’s representative and are meant to hold a company’s image.

Lee Hi then shared that the YG chief had caught other people dating within the company before.

For so many teenage stars in Korea — even those in the 20s — getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is a risky act putting their hard-won fame on the line.

Those caught by their management agency for having a romantic affair are subject to stern discipline or, in the worst case scenario, dropped from the company.

"While there, Yang Hyun Suk suddenly said to me, 'You know what happens if you date, right?

'" Lee Hi continued her story, saying, "I thought that he would give me permission once I turned 20, but I was wrong.

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