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:) I am 18 weeks pregnant, and i weighed 105 when i got pregnant, i was a size 1.

After just a few days there is a marked difference in the rash. In doing more research, I'm finding a lot of talk about the use of coconut oil topically for helping to minimize or even eliminate stretch marks- both new and old!! Coconut oil is touted as a cure-all, and I love me some coconut oil, but it can't do EVERYTHING. Like everyone has mentioned, CO is drying so I need to mositurize afterwards.

Most often women get stretch marks due to having men help to put there!

If you dont want you girl to hav them then put on a freaking condom.

I am in my early 20's and im confident in the way i look, all except my stretch marks. It does make you feel bad and we dont like to see them on our bodies, but they are there and we must learn to accept it and just be proud of what and who we are.

I wouldnt change anything though, b/c i got them from having my beautiful little girl, but it really does make me have low self esteem when i think about it,does anyone know any creams or medications that really work to make them less noticable?? Curious you should just be proud of what you have accomplished! If anyone cant enjoy and love all of you they dont need you anyway.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I don't have any stretch marks yet. It is probably doing nothing but making my belly skin pretty and smelling nice but it makes me feel as if I am doing something and at 26 weeks so far no stretch marks.I used them with my first pregnancy and carried till 41 weeks and not one stretch mark!And my mom and sister were covered, so genetics might be key for some but I think being proactive is key!! I also choose their products originally because they are organic and proven safe while pregnant and breastfeeding. (oh yes they offer flat rate shipping for only -6!! Cocoa butter and bio oil are helpful in keeping your skin hydrated and they will keep you from getting itchy, but they really don't do anything to prevent stretch marks.Then you wonder why so many women are so unhappy!!!!i know alot of people have them, but i just cant help but think how ugly my stomache looks.

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If they came from the wonderful miracle of birth than no they are not gross and really cant be prevented.

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