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The sex tape incident was first reported by Colombo Telegraph and shows the man who is strikingly similar to Jayasuriya, recording the entire sexual encounter.

The video has instantly gone viral on the social media after which the woman who was allegedly recorded with Jayasuriya claimed that the cricketer had stooped low to take revenge from her.

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Our diverse work environment allows you to collaborate with leading researchers while gaining fresh perspectives from recent graduates.Publisher: Bonnie King CONTACT: [email protected]: [email protected]~Truth~~Justice~~Peace~TJPAbdul Hassan May 1, 2013 am (Pacific time)The war is already ended. Anyone can see the differance if you are to visit Jaffna, kilinochchi or Mulative today. Outsiders, It is better to mind your own business since We do not care about indians victims in Kashmeer, daily raping and all ther fucking babarians...Other than the camps, the daily rape, the Sinhalasztion of Tamil regions, yeah right....Former captain of Sri Lankan Cricket team and politician, Sanath Jayasuriya is back in the news and this time for the most bizarre reason.The cricketer-turned-politician has been accused of leaking sex tapes with his ex-girlfriend.

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So the only possibility is for the Sinhali men to indulge in sex with the other women.