Pagdating alamid tabs

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Pagdating alamid tabs

Ing sakit buntuk Ing sakit a kapitna ning buntuk Ing siptin Ing galunggting Ing lagnat Ing balisosd 16- Tagalof) Ang pigsd Ang bungang-araw Ang galis Ang beke Ang bukol Ang agihap Ang kulani Ang kati Ang pangingil6 Ang buni Ang binat Ang hilo Ang sakit ng ulo .

D*i dres or k Joz The shirt • D*i shirt The trousers .

a:hover .blog-post .byline a #tabs a:hover #tab1 ul li a:hover .testi-inner cite a .portfolio-main span:hover .blog-post .byline a:hover .post_cats a .post_cats a:hover .side-widget p .categorybox1 h3 .comment-link .

YOUR LOVE Intro: Em hold Am7-G/B-C-Am7-G/B-Em-D- C-- G D C You're the one who never let me sleep G D Through my mind and through my soul, C You touch my lips G D C You're the one that I can't wait to see G D C When you're here by my side, I'm in ecstacy Refrain Em D C I'm all alone without you Em D C But days are dark without the glimpse of you Am7 G/B Now that you come into my life C I feel complete Am7 G/B C The flowers bloom, the morning shines and I can see Chorus G D Em Your love is like the sun C G That lights up my whole world D Em-C I feel the warmth inside G D Em Your love is like a river C G That flows down through my veins D Em-C I feel the chill inside Filler: Em-D-C-; (2x) G D/F# C Everytime I hear music played G D/F# C Reminds me of the things that we've been through G D/F# C In my mind I can't believe it's true G D/F# C But in my heart, the reality is you Repeat Refrain Repeat Chorus 2x Interlude: Fm7-Em-Am-Fm7-D-C hold; (2x) /F#./G./D, /C./B., /C, /D, /E, /F#, /G, /A Ad lib: (Do chorus chords) Repeat chorus to fade Illustrated Chords G/B x20003 D/F# 2x0232 ↑ Back to top | Alamid Chords for Your Love.

log tntara log taliring maog-mang log palsingsingan .

log bakti ning taliri log kokti log kilikili log atiyau log 8alii .

Ing kuku Ing sigasig Ing taguiabe Ing lipunga log tunga Ang Bakit Ang ub6 . Ang tagulab&y Ang a Jipung& Ang tunga Ingles The heel-bone of the The ankle The sole of the toot The shin-bone .

Anc balakdng , Ang singit Ang bay£g King salcit ning tcur Sa mga salcit nfj tuo Ing sakit . The loin Th« groin The testicle or genital foot -15 — Pronunciation D^i hi Lbon of dzi tut D*i enkel D'i sol of d«i fut D*i shin-bon D*i por D*i bat-tok or jip D 7 i loin D z i groin D 7 i t^stikel o Hdchenital Of man's desease* Of mans dishes The sickness or disease .

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— POR '■ COMPENDIOS DEL TAGALO CASTELOi Nd-INGj Le S \ .,:'■.; ,' POR ■ ; ' ; /.' !


i D*i D z i D«i D*i D*i D*i Pronunciation finguer zamb index or for finguer midel finguer ring finguer litel finguer dchoint or knakel of d„i finguer ned, hut or do armpit be Ui brest chest rib saids nevel we^t abd6men lap of ei wumau langs Pampango log pusu .

D z i skdi The collarbone , D z i colar-bon The shoulder ...

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