Irs refund status not updating

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Irs refund status not updating

But, like anything that deals with the impatient public, if things don't work right, people freak out.​After hearing all types of questions over the years, here is our list of common IRS Where's My Refund questions, comments, concerns, errors, and more.​If you're seeing something not on this list, leave a comment and share your story so that we can keep track of issues as they arise, and hopefully help or reassure others in the future.

Or, check out our Tax Center for more info.​Are you getting the message "Tax Topic 151: Appeal Your Rights" when you log into Where's My Refund?

Some of these individuals also reported that their bank had a pending transaction deposit for their tax refund amount as well. It does appear to only be a small amount of taxpayers. None of our reports were above 00 in tax refunds.

As a reminder, we do have other clients who have reported no change in their Where’s My Refund status, so not everyone was updated with the February 22nd date. There has not been an update for anyone else since then.

As the IRS begins releasing refunds for taxpayers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit, the tax agency reminded taxpayers that they should not expect refunds to be available in bank accounts or on debit cards until the week of Feb. The additional time is due to several factors, including weekends, the Presidents Day holiday and the time banks often need to process direct deposits. 18 for the vast majority of early filers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit. 18, some taxpayers may see a projected date or a message that indicates the IRS is processing their return.

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The information on the Federal refund is available from https://gov/Refunds Each state will probably have its own version of that to check on refund status.

In some states you may need to setup an online account in order to be able to check on refund status.' data-inline-edit-type='wysiwyg' data-inline-edit-url='/answers/5141382' id='inline_edit_answer_5141382_body' Turbotax may not have bothered with this function in their product probably, partly because the IRS and states would not want them to put all that extra traffic on the web sites.

Some forms are not available until mid January and some even later.

When you submit your return before the IRS begins processing, it will sit in a “queue” and be held until the date that the IRS will officially accept tax returns.

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