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Getting paid on adult chat lines

If all you want to do is sit around and get fast calls you may like this best.

You certainly won't make the most money with a company like this even if your hold times are great since the most they pay is 40 cents a minute ( an hour). There are many smaller dispatch companies that will pay better but its always a toss us based on call volume and quality of callers.

The amount of money you will earn obviously varies on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it.

To start, you need to look at phone sex as a real job.

That simply means that they don’t contain an area code that lets you know where in the UK you’re calling.

We offer special connection rates to all customers who have co-located equipment or have a direct interconnect into us.

Callers who want to use your service simply call your Premium Rate Number and are then charged for the call by their service provider.

Interactive Voice Response We can develop an IVR response tailored to your needs.

I then brainstormed to see what jobs I could do from home.

Being a “Phone Actress” – the technical term for a – came to mind.

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Therefore, I was looking for replacement streams of income.

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  1. "If I were to marry a type-A personality and we sat on our computers side by side in the evenings, I think I'd die," she says. The last thing I want is to go home to an investment banker." Despite their job disparities, the couple share enjoyment of the opera and theater.